About Us

Ken’s Distribution Company is a Master Stocking Distributor of water pumps, cement mixers and electric motors also gas engine pumps. We sell and service all major brands of commercial and residential water pumps and repair parts, and we offer speedy worldwide shipping on all of our products.
Call or email us  today for expert advice on repairs and repair parts:

  • Franklin Electric Water Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Electric Motors
  • Monarch Water Pump 
  • Red Lion Products 
  • Magnum Diaphragm Pumps  
  • Generac Diaphragm Pumps 
  • CH&E Pump Diaphragms
  • Crown Cement Mixers
  • Boring & Mud Pumps
  • … and more!
industrial worker indoors in factory young technic FMS423C



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Ken's Distributing