Red Lion Water Pumps

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Red Lion Pump Replacement Parts

At Ken’s Distributing Company, we offer our customers several top brands. That includes Red Lion water pumps and Red Lion pump parts. A few benefits of this particular brand are:Built-in check valve
Semi-open style impeller made of durable cast iron
Outstanding warranty
EPA certified Red Lion Water Pumps – Affordability and Quality
Not only do we provide our customers with quality water pumps and pump parts, but we also keep our prices competitive. Whether looking for new pumps or Red Lion trash pump parts, we help our customers select the right product.Here are a few of the Red Lion Water pump repair parts offered by Ken’s Distributing Company:Red Lion Pump Series 5RLAG 2, 6RLAG 2, 2RLAG 1, and 4RLAG 2H – As one of the leading semi-trash water pumps on the market, this product is ideal for a variety of liquid, lawn/lawn/turf/irrigation, and pressure boosting applications.Red Lion Aluminum Water Transfer Pump 5RLAG-2L – This general-purpose pump is an exceptional choice for contractor dewatering and liquid transfer applications. As with other Red Lion water pumps, its design makes heavy-duty jobs easier. It features a durable cast iron semi-open style impeller with a lightweight aluminum outer casing. In addition, it has a self-priming suction lift of up to 25 feet.

Red Lion 1/3 HP Dual Cast Iron Sump Pump System – This is one of the most popular water pumps from the brand. Made for removing medium to high-volume water, it’s a great addition to residential laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces. Along with a maximum 25-foot head and 10-foot power cord, this product comes with pre-assembled check valves and piping.

For Red Lion water pumps and Red Lion trash pump replacement parts, Ken’s Distributing Center is your most trusted source. Call for more information about our impressive lineup of products.