What Are The Different Brands Of Water Pumps?

If you’ve ever had a flooded basement, worked on a construction site, or had any outdoor water feature on your property, you’re likely familiar with the various types of water pumps. Water pumps are used all over the world in thousands of different uses, from bringing water up from a well, to bringing hot water to your faucets, to irrigating your lawn with sprinklers. No matter what you plan to use it for, it’s important to understand the various types and brands of water pumps before making a purchase.  

Types of Water Pumps

Before jumping in and analyzing the different brands, it’s important to first briefly cover the different specifications of water pumps so you can make the most informed choice possible. There are two types of water pumps, gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered pumps are typically heavier and more suited for outdoor work, while electric pumps work well indoors for household applications.

From there, there are two further types of water pumps. The most common water pump type for general applications is a centrifugal pump, which uses a rotating impeller to move the water. The other type is a positive displacement pump, which uses a piston-like mechanical action to push or move the water.  

Brands of Water Pumps

Now that you have a basic understanding of the variations and specifications of water pumps, you can examine the different brands and choose the one that seems best for your personal needs and applications. Let’s look at some of the most common, reliable, and popular brands.  

Franklin Electric Pumps

Franklin Electric was founded in 1944 in Bluffton, Indiana, and was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, considered the first American electrical engineer by the founders. At first, they manufactured a backpack generator for use by paratroopers and other assault troops during World War II, but shifted to consumer applications afterward, focusing heavily on water pumps to either bring water into homes or out of flooded basements.

In 1950, Franklin produced the first fully-submersible pump that could function while entirely underwater. They also realized that they had the ability to produce extremely durable and powerful pumps that can move oil and gas, and developed a subsidiary called FE Petro to focus on this. Today, Franklin Electric Pumps are an extremely smart and effective choice that provide excellent value for the cost and are perfect for in-home applications.  

CH&E Generac Magnum

CH&E, or Caldwell Heckles & Egan, produce high-quality pumps of many different types, from electric, to gas, to diesel, and both centrifugal and positive displacement diaphragm pumps. The company focuses on a wide range of construction and contracting applications and has lots of experience making durable equipment that is built to last.  

CH&E Generac Magnum are a line of water pumps with a variety of options that are designed to have long run times in order to consistently keep construction sites or other areas water-free. This line includes trash pumps, designed for dirty water containing solids, extremely powerful diaphragm dry prime trash pumps built for heavy-duty construction work, and a line of smaller diaphragm trash or water pumps.  

Red Lion Pumps

Red Lion is a US and Canada-based pump manufacturer that produces both gas and electric-powered water pumps. Their pumps are mainly stainless steel or cast iron, which provide excellent durability and strength. Red Lion produces many different types of pumps, from submersible well pumps to pressure boosters designed for in-home use.  

Red Lion has a strong customer support base and focuses strongly on emergency applications like a flooded basement. They pride themselves on a “prompt sense of emergency”, and will work with customers to meet their needs when time is of the essence. Red Lion also offers a proprietary battery backup system in case of power loss which can prevent catastrophic house flooding.

Monarch Pumps

Monarch makes high-quality, cast iron-based pumps that are mainly centrifugal pumps, the most common type for consumer applications. The company has a long history, founded in 1856 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They quickly became known as a manufacturer of precisely engineered, quality products that function well and are extremely durable. 

In 2007, Monarch was acquired by Bucher Hydraulics, a globally renowned and highly competitive Swiss/German manufacturing company. Monarch retained its employees and CEO through the transfer and kept its Michigan manufacturing plants active. Monarch is an excellent choice for gas or electric-powered pumps for many different applications.

No matter what application you need a water pump for, these brands will have the right one for you. Choosing the right water pump largely depends on your budget and needs. For example, will the water pump need to be running continuously for long periods of time or only in a specific instance like a flood? Will it need to be submerged or can it be above ground?

If you need help figuring out the right pump for you, contact a water pump distributor today and get the process started!

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