Tools Homeowner Need for Electric Water Pump Maintenance

Like any job, if you are going to maintain your electric water pump well, you need the right tools along with the information and capabilities to keep things in good working order.

This information will help you to understand water pumps as a whole as well as how to maintain them with the right services.

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Electric Water Pumps – Energy Efficient Pumps

There are many different brands and prices on water pumps, but electric water pump options are beneficial for most homeowners.

When you purchase a pump, check the delivery and shipping price to get a good idea as to what it will cost overall.

Shopping around helps you get a good deal. The high performance applications help you to lower energy consumption in your household, especially if you keep the filter clean.

You can also reduce emissions, lower fuel costs, and cut back on maintenance lists.

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Remove Moisture With a Water Pump

Sometimes, it only takes a minute to ruin your home.

If you want further protection, shop for a water pump and you can get rid of excess water that might otherwise flood your basement and damage the items you store there.

Horsepower counts and you need to make sure you have a number that matches the results you want for your space.

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Electric Water Pump Maintenance

Once the electrical water pump products are installed onto your house, it would be nice to brush your hands of the worries and walk away.

However, you will want to perform the right maintenance to keep the water pumps in working order long term.

Here are a few things you need to do and the frequency of those maintenance items.

  1. Change Filters

The water pump has a filter on it that you will want to replace every six months or so, depending on what the water into your home is like.

The more water you use, the more often that filter needs to be switched out.

  1. Check for Cracks

The products last for a long time, but sometimes, they can become a bit old and crack. Check the casing on the pump for leaking water periodically.

If you see water dripping from the pump or pooling beneath it, something on the electric water pump could be lose or in need or replacement.

If you see water damage around the water pump, or mold growth, that’s another sign there’s a leak.

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  1. Lubricate

Electric water pumps can be lubricated to ensure their bearings run smoothly without damage.

Be sure to lubricate the pump based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

You don’t want to over grease the bearings or that can cause even more damage than not lubricating at all.

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  1. Inspect Seals and Hoses

Take a look at the seals and hoses every season. If any of them show any wear or damage, it is a good idea to replace them before they slip or completely wear out.

You might be able to get delivery on certain parts or just go shopping at your local hardware store to purchase what you need.

Electric Water Pump Maintenance Tools

Whether you need to change a part on your electric water pumps, or you just want to run maintenance on the water pump, there are certain tools that are handy to have.

Here are some of the necessities.

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Ratchet and Socket Set

The ratchet and socket set will save you a minute or more by helping you to tighten or loosen various nuts and other elements on the water pump.

If you see a leak, you may only need to tighten something without asking the manufacturer to go to the trouble of shipping anything new to you. The price is right and the water pump keeps working well.

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The right torque wrench also helps you to tighten a number of things on your water pump.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on sizing and get the right number to keep for maintenance processes.

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Soft Hammer

Sometimes, equipment needs gentle persuasion to put the page back into order. Get a rubber mallet or soft-headed hammer to pop things back into place when needed.

Be careful when hammering anything on your water pump. Any number of things can go wrong if you hit too hard.

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Snap Ring Pliers

If you need to install or remove snap rings, these pliers are highly useful. They come in two variations, so check to make sure you get the right type.

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Specialized Tools

Electric water pump products vary in a number of ways. When you look at the price, that is one way that they are different from one another. Shipping price options also vary.

The services each needs will differ as well and those services help you to determine what tools you have to have for maintenance and repairs.

One water pump might need a certain kind of wrench while another water pump takes a different one.

Get recommendations from the owner’s manual and ship the right tools at good price options to yourself for the future.

Reasons to Maintain Your Water Pump

When you invest in a water pump, the last thing you want is for it to break down and not work when you need it the most.

You were willing to pay the price for the extra home protection and now, to guarantee that protection, you should maintain the water pump.

Here are a few reasons why maintenance is the best option:

  • Protect your investmentThe water pump came at a price and when you maintain it, it is less likely to break down and cause you to need costly repairs that only professionals can do.Small tweaks like lubricating and changing filters can help you to keep the overall costs down.


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  • EfficiencyNo one gets a water pump in hopes of running an inefficient house. The pump can actually run efficiently and effectively–if you maintain it well.checklist, analysis, check off
  • Protect your homeYou likely got the water pump to protect your home from excess moisture. If it doesn’t work properly because of poor maintenance, that doesn’t help your end goal at all.In the end, you don’t get the results you want at all.

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There are a lot of things that go into being a homeowner. You want to protect your home and the electric water pump can do just that.

To get the long-term results you want, it is important to maintain that pump.

Keeping the right tools on hand for those maintenance tasks is all a part of that process.

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