Transitioning from Monarch TT 60 to Franklin Electric FTT 40: A Streamlined Upgrade with Coupler Adapters

Upgrading or changing components in a water pumping system often brings concerns, particularly regarding compatibility and installation time. One common scenario is switching from a TT60 Self Priming Centrifugal Trash Pump to a Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40. This process can be seamless and efficient with the help of coupler adapters for both suction and discharge ports. This article discusses the benefits of this transition, the time-saving advantages of coupler adapters, performance considerations, and the pros and cons of moving from a TT60 to a Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40.

Understanding the Pumps

Monarch TT60 Self Priming Centrifugal Trash Pump

The TT60 is a durable, high-capacity water pump often used in industrial and commercial settings. Known for its robust performance, it can efficiently handle large volumes of water. However, the TT60 has been deemed obsolete, with parts no longer available, making maintenance and repairs increasingly difficult. This has led many users to seek alternative solutions.

Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40

The Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40 is a compact, reliable pump designed for slightly smaller capacities compared to the TT60. It maintains the same level of durability and performance but in a more efficient and manageable size, making it ideal for applications where the TT60’s full capacity isn’t necessary.

The Role of Coupler Adapters

Transitioning from a TT60 to a Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40 often involves dealing with different pipe sizes for the suction and discharge ports. Coupler adapters are essential in this process, bridging the gap between different pipe sizes and allowing for a seamless connection without extensive modifications to the existing setup.

Performance Implications

Capacity and Flow Rate

  • The TT60 can handle higher capacities, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. However, its full capacity might not always be necessary.
  • The Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40, while smaller, still offers substantial capacity suitable for a range of applications, leading to more efficient operation without a notable performance loss for medium-duty tasks.

Energy Efficiency

  • Generally, the FTT 40 operates with lower power consumption compared to the TT60, resulting in energy savings, especially beneficial for long-term operations where energy costs are a concern.

Pressure and Head

  • Both pumps provide robust performance, but the FTT 40 is designed for slightly lower maximum heads and pressures. This difference is usually minor for many applications, making the FTT 40 a viable replacement without sacrificing efficiency.

Benefits of Using Coupler Adapters

  • Time-Saving: Coupler adapters significantly reduce the time required for transitions. Instead of overhauling your entire piping system to fit the new pump, adapters allow you to connect existing pipes to the new FTT 40 quickly.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoiding major modifications saves on labor and materials, making coupler adapters a cost-effective solution compared to re-piping the whole system.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing coupler adapters is straightforward and quick, minimizing downtime and ensuring your system is operational with minimal disruption.

Pros and Cons of Switching from Monarch TT-60 to Franklin Electric FTT 40


  • Increased Efficiency: The FTT 40 is more efficient for applications not requiring the TT60’s full capacity, leading to potential energy savings.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Smaller pumps typically have fewer maintenance needs, saving time and costs over time.
  • Space-Saving: The compact size of the FTT 40 frees up space, crucial in confined environments.
  • Simplified Transition: Coupler adapters streamline the transition process, minimizing downtime and ensuring a quick return to operation.
  • Availability of Parts: Unlike the  TT-60, parts for the  FTT 40 are readily available, ensuring easier maintenance and longevity.


  • Capacity Reduction: The main drawback is the reduced capacity. Ensure the FTT 40 can meet your application’s requirements before switching.
  • Initial Adjustment: There may be an adjustment period as you fine-tune the new system to match the previous performance with the TT60.


Switching from a TT60 Self Priming Centrifugal Trash Pump to a Franklin Electric Centrifugal Self Priming Frame Mount FTT 40 is often necessary due to the Monarch TT-60  obsolescence and unavailability of parts. This transition can be made seamless with the use of coupler adapters. This approach saves time and money and ensures a smooth, efficient upgrade. By considering performance implications, pros and cons, and understanding your system’s specific needs, you can make an informed decision that enhances your water pumping setup’s overall performance and efficiency.

For more information on ordering a FTT-40 water pump or  assistance with your transition, contact Ken’s Distributing Company at 303.699.7845 

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