C12 Concrete Mixer

Crown Construction Concrete Mixer C12

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2 Bag Capacity about 895 lbs weight – 12 cubic feet – Towable

In agriculture, construction and even military applications, pintle hitches are the trusted product of specialized towing. This is because pintle mounts are notorious for their high weight capacity and simple layout. The basic pintle hitch follows a hook-and-loop design, with the hook mounted on the vehicle and the loop attached to the trailer. Because of their simplicity, pintle hitches are able to have thicker metal construction and more secure coupling

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Power Options

  • 1  1/2 to 5 Horsepower Baldor Electric Motor  1 Phase or  3 Phase
  • 8 Horsepower Honda GX240  Gasoline Engine with larger motors or diesel option
  • Pintle Hitch or Ball Hitch Option
  • Your Own Power Source – Less Power

Cast iron machined drive gears for smoother operation

Cast Iron Machined Drive Gears


Batch Capacity Bag 1/2 to 2 bags
Batch capacity cu. ft(lts.) 12cu. ft(340)
Power Honda 13 HP or 3 HP Electric
Drive V-Belt to gears
Wheels 13 x 6.5 High speed
Hight speed Winnipeg, Manitoba R3HOZ4
Overall Width in (cm) 54″(137)
Overall Length with tow pole in (cm) 83″(211)
Overall Height with drum down in (cm) 69″(175)
Weight (approx.) Lbs (kgs) 895 Lbs