Red Lion Multi Purpose Pumps

Ken’s Distributing Company – Red Lion Multi-Purpose Pump

The many industries that depend on pumps know that some brands outperform others. A perfect example is the Red Lion multi-purpose pump. At Ken’s Distributing Company in Denver, Colorado, we strive to meet, if not exceed, our customer’s expectations. For that reason, we offer the most trusted brands available.

Red Lion Multi-Purpose Pump

Even as a multi-purpose product, every application is somewhat unique. To provide our customers with outstanding solutions, we have three options for the Red Lion brand of multi-purpose pumps.

Red Lion Aluminum Utility Pump RL25U

This particular multi-purpose pump is ideal for water transfer and residential water removal applications. It works incredibly well for window wells, basements, rooftops, and

The pump’s 1/4 HP, 115-volt utility pump can be submerged in water thanks to its corrosive-resistant, cast-aluminum casing. The casing is also epoxy-coated. It also has a screened bottom intake, a 3/4-inch garden host discharge, and a 10-foot cord. The lightweight design makes this Red Lion multi-purpose pump easy to move from one location to another.

Red Lion Automatic Utility Pump RL-MP25A

This multi-purpose pump works for the same applications as the RL25U. However, it has a unique feature. Working in three-minute intervals and with a high-tech switch, it automatically detects the presence of water. At that point, the pump continues to operate until the water is gone.

Red Lion Heavy-Duty Submersible Utility Pump RL50CON

Some situations require a more robust solution. To remove water from ditches and ponds and for construction dewatering jobs, it’s hard to beat this Red Lion multi-purpose pump. With a high-efficiency, 115-volt permanent split capacitor motor, it can handle even the most demanding applications.

Along with its rugged construction, this pump features a urethane rubber impeller. It also has a double-seal system with a ceramic secondary seal. For added convenience, it boasts a 20-foot extended power cord.

Regardless of the application, it’s important to purchase a quality pump from a reputable source. Contact Ken’s Distributing Company for more information about the Red Lion multi-purpose pump. One of our team experts will help you find the right product according to the application.

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