Generac Magnum Wet Prime Trash Pumps

Three Generac Wet Prime Trash Pumps to Accelerate Your Draining

Generac wet trash pumps are some of the best in the market. They offer a variety of characteristics that make their pumps flexible and robust.

Generac Wet Prime Trash Pumps are ideal for heavy-duty use. They can handle high volumes of water and debris, making them ideal for construction or industrial applications.

Also, Generac builds their pumps to last. High-quality, robust materials can resist wear and tear caused by years of usage, so you know you’re getting a durable pump.If you’re in the market for a Generac Wet Prime Trash Pump, consider these three models:

Wet Prime Trash Pump Generac PRO 2″ Semi-Trash Pump

The ST20-S’s 169cc Generac G-Force engine can move 158 gallons per minute for muddy or sandy water. It has a large fuel tank with an integrated fuel indicator, low-oil shutoff, and Easy Prime™ funnel for easy operation.

Wet Prime Trash Pump Generac PROXC3000P Trash Pump

Generac created the PRO XC3000P Trash Water Pump to remove water from demanding commercial settings. The XC3000P can pump 350 gallons per minute through mud, sand, and debris 1.2 inches deep.

Wet Prime Trash Pump Generac T20-S Trash and Water Pump

The T20-S is capable of pumping up to 185 gallons per minute. This is possible through the pump’s 211cc Generac G-Force engine. It can pass 1-inch solids, making it excellent for the dirtiest applications. This pump can operate for almost 5 hours without refueling, thanks to its enormous fuel tank and integrated fuel indicator.

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