Gasoline Driven Pumps & Repair Parts

Uses of Gas Engine-Driven Water Pumps

Gasoline-powered water pumps move water from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The pump uses an engine to create a vacuum that sucks water up through the pump. This type of pump is ideal for places with no electricity or municipal water system.

A gasoline-powered water pump is an excellent option for anyone looking to move large quantities of water in a hurry. These pumps are portable and easily transferable from one location to another. These pumps also ensure easier operations and maintenance. These features make gas-powered pumps perfect for anyone who is not familiar with using heavy machinery.Selecting Gas Powered Water Pumps

When looking for a gas engine-driven water pump, you should consider a few factors.

1. The most crucial factor is the pumping capacity of the pump. Pumping capacity involves the size of the pump and the amount of water it can move per minute.

2. The next factor to consider is the engine size. The larger the engine, the more power it will have to move water. This will help determine the speed at which the pump moves water.

3. You also need to consider whether you need an electric or manual start. Electric start models are typically more expensive, but they are easier to start than manual start models.

Selecting Gas-Powered Water Pump Parts

Replacement parts for gas engine-driven water pumps are available at Ken’s Distributing Company. The parts you need to operate the pump will depend on your model.

Usually, the pump itself will have a motor and impellers, mechanical seal, sleeve and other moving parts. The impellers are responsible for moving the water and if your pump is leaking water, it’s because your mechanical seal become damaged over time. The other gas-powered water pump parts you’ll need include a hose, a nozzle, and clamps.

Ken’s Distributing Company has gas-powered water pumps and replacement parts available for purchase. For more information, contact us today.