Red Lion RLAG Water Pump Repair Parts After January 2014


Red Lion RLAG Series Water Pump Revised January 2014

Old Model NumberNew Model Number
2RLAG-12RLAG-1L – Red Lion Water Pump 617031
5RLAG-25RLAG-2L – Red Lion Water Pump 617033
6RLAG-2ST6RLAG-2LST – Red Lion Water Pump 617034
6RLAG-3ST6RLAG-3LST – Red Lion Water Pump 617037
6RLAG3-TT6RLAG-3LTT – Red Lion Water Pump 617038
4RLAG-2H No Change

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Overhaul Repair Kits

Minor Overhaul Kit617300617301617301617302617303617304
Major Overhaul Kit617310617311617311617312617313617314
Casing Replacement Kit617320617321617322617323617324617325
Plug Replacement Kit617330617330617330617330617330N/A
Suction & Discharge Kit617340617341617342617343617344N/A
Roll Frame Kit617350617351617352617353617354617355


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