Franklin Self Priming Pumps

The Versatility of Self-Priming Pumps

Self-priming pumps are a subset of liquid pumps that do not need priming with liquid before they can begin pumping. This means they can start pumping immediately without needing to fill with fluid first.

These pumps create a partial vacuum at the pump’s inlet, which draws liquid into the pump. This could make process plant start-ups and changeovers quicker and more straightforward.

These pumps are standard in various industries, including agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, and more. They are highly versatile and ideal for applications where regular priming would be impractical or too time-consuming.

Benefits include increased production speed and throughput, reduced labor costs, and improved accuracy. Additionally, self-priming pumps can work with automated filling systems to streamline operations further.

Use of Self-Priming Pumps in Several Industries

Below are some common ways self-priming pumps find use in industries.

  • Agriculture – used mainly for irrigation, as they can quickly and easily move large volumes of water.
  • Automotive – self-priming pumps assist in transferring fuel and other fluids used for cars.
  • Manufacturing – pumps help move various liquids and gases around the factory floor.
  • Food and beverage – pumps can transport liquids from one container to another during production or filling.

Get Franklin Electric Self-Priming Pumps for Your Business

If you need a self-priming pump for your business, we recommend Franklin Electric. Franklin Electric self-priming pumps are some of the most reliable and efficient pumps on the market. They’re perfect for a wide range of applications, from general water transfer to sewage and wastewater treatment.

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