Red Lion Effluent/Sewage Pumps

Ken’s Distributing Company – Top-of-the-Line Red Lion Sewage Pumps

It takes a different type of pump to eliminate sewage from one that removes water. At Ken’s Distributing Company, we provide both types of products to our customers. Not only that, but we only carry the most trusted brands. If you’re looking for a quality sewage pump, you can’t beat the Red Lion brand.

Red Lion Sewage Pumps

Below are just a few options available for sewage pumps from Red Lion.

Red Lion Cast Iron Sewage Pump – This pump has a cast iron construction for durability and longevity. Two of its key features include a piggyback float switch and PSC dual-bearing motor with overload protection. This Red Lion sewage pump also has an automatic submersible design, and it can pass semi-solids up to two inches in diameter. In addition to more general wastewater applications, it’s ideal for high-volume sewage.

Red Lion Cast Iron Surface Effluent Pump – This product offers flexibility. It’s great for pumping water out of basements, general dewatering, and irrigation applications. However, with a heavy-duty 115/230-volt motor, as well as a rugged cast iron casing and impeller, it can also remove liquid from septic tanks. This Red Lion Sewage Pump even has a self-priming feature and a built-in check valve.

Red Lion Sewage Basin System RL-WCS50TA – To collect and remove sewage, drainage, effluent, and seeping water in low-lying areas, this Red Lion sewage pump performs optimally. Along with a discharge pipe that goes from the pump to the basin cover, it has an 18 x 30-inch polyethylene basin and a 2-inch full-flow plastic sewage check value. However, that’s not all. This Red Lion sewage pump also boasts a 1/2 HP motor, automatic piggyback float switch, and a heavy-duty cast iron base and impeller.

Red Lion Sewage Basin System L-WCS50TA-24 – While similar to the RL-WCS50TA basin system, this product has a 24 x 24-inch basin. In addition, it meets strict radon-free and gas-tight building code requirements.

No matter what type of Red Lion sewage pump you need, Ken’s Distributing Company can accommodate you. Give us a call to speak with a representative today.

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