6 Signs You Might Need a New Water Pump

A water pump can be an invaluable tool in many situations. It can aid with pressurizing water flow within a home, help power a sprinkler system or simply move water from one place to the next. And while many households recognize the benefits of having one, it is also essential that you can recognize when your water pump requires a replacement. This article will outline the six telltale signs you might need a new water pump.

Telltale signs you might need a new water pump

Buying a water pump can be arduous in its own accord. If you believe your water pump needs an upgrade, you will need to research and see which pump is suitable for your needs. If you aren’t keen on further research, which is entirely understandable, we suggest you simply replace the water pump you already have. Hopefully, you already know how to best use and maintain it.

Poor performance

Every water pump has a certain pressure at which it is supposed to operate. Of course, the amount of water you push through a pump can vary, and therefore the pressure. But, if everything else remains the same, and your water pump produces low pressure, you might need a new one.

Different brands of water pumps have different lifespans. A water pump can last 15+ years, depending on its quality and use. But, regardless of how high quality it is, no water pump can last forever. Even if there are no visible issues, the water pressure can drop. In this instance, you can look to repair your pump and hope replacing a specific part will fix the issue. But getting a new one at a certain point is cheaper and better.


It should be no surprise that a leaky water pump is a sign of trouble. Even a tiny leak can signal a big problem with your pump. And if you leave it unattended, it can soon grow exponentially. If the leak is due to a crack, your pump can even break and cause considerable damage to its surroundings. So, if you notice a leak, it is paramount to find out what causes it. If the leak cannot be fixed, or if doing so is too expensive, you ought to consider getting a new pump. Keep in mind that a water pump is a powerful machine. And powerful machines leave little room for cracks.


Seeing rust can be another reason you should get a new water pump. Now, a bit of rust doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Rust can be managed and removed with relative ease if it is superficial. But if rust finds its way inside your water pump, you will need to consider getting a new one. Before long, your water pump will start losing its power and will begin to leak. And, as we already mentioned, these are sure signs you might need a new water pump.


All water pumps make noise while they work. If they are functioning well, this noise is relatively low and unintrusive. But if your water pump starts making weird sounds, you might need a new one. Of course, a weird noise shouldn’t make you throughout the water pump right off the bat. It could be a relatively cheap and straightforward solution if you are lucky. Sometimes, the weird noise will go away on its own accord. But, if the noise persists and you cannot find the solution, you should consider getting a new pump. Like leaks, a seemingly minor issue can cause much damage if left untreated.


Water pumps can overheat. Some have design flaws, some have issues, and others are just pushed too hard. But, regardless of why it is happening, you don’t want your water pump to overheat. Excessive amounts of heat can jeopardize the structural integrity of your water pump. That can cause leaks, pressure drops, and even complete failures. So, if you believe that your water pump is overheating, you have three options. You can hire a professional to check it and see if there are any fixable issues. You can check the water pressure and see if you are putting too much strain on your water pump. Or you can look to get a new one.


As we mentioned, all water pumps have a limited lifespan. Even if they are top quality, they will lower their performance over time. Therefore, if you believe that your water pump is past its prime, you might look to replace it.

Of course, this largely depends on the condition of your water pump and how often you use it. A smaller water pump used for a couple of sprinkles doesn’t need replacing. It is functioning properly. But, if you are using a water pump to help manage water in your home, you should consider having one that is functioning well.

That is especially important to remember if you are moving into a new home in Denver that relies on water pumps. It is paramount that you do ample research about the local area and the home appliances. By doing so, you will know where to get help from a local moving team and where to find a new water pump. And you will know whether the active water pump is old enough to require replacement.


So far, we’ve outlined the more obvious signs you might need a new water pump. If you recognize any of them, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily provide you with a water pump that perfectly suits your needs.

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